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Imagi International Holdings Limited (“IMAGI”) is a company listed on the main board of The Hong Kong Stock Exchange Limited (HKEX Stock Code: 585). Imagi is principally engaged in integrated financial services business, investment holdings, computer graphic imaging business and entertainment business. The integrated financial services business of the Group comprises securities investments and proprietary trading, the provision of securities brokerage services, margin financing services, placing and underwriting services, investment advisory and management services and money lending services. The entertainment business includes investments in film productions with the first film that the Company has invested being publicly screened in October 2019. The Company is always looking for additional means to expand the Company and its businesses through attractive opportunities that are beneficial to the Company and its shareholders.


Imagi's first theatrical movie TMNT was released in March 2007, opening #1 in U.S. box office, the first time in history that an Asian animation film achieved that honor. Astro Boy was the second full feature motion picture, which was released worldwide in October 2009. Cat Tale, Imagi's own copyright work will be developed into CGI film for distribution in the Greater China region and other Chinese speaking countries over the next 18 months.

Imagi, being the owner of the intellectual property rights of feature film (Astro Boy) and TV series (Zentrix) and work-in-progress film (Cat Tale), will continue to develop proprietary animation content with strategy to drive related consumer product licensing and education business.


Since 2014, Imagi has expanded its business focus to include financial investment and its investment arm initially invested in corporate bonds listed in Hong Kong and other markets. To further expand its investment arm, Imagi intends to develop an integrated financial services business including provision of securities brokerage services, placing and underwriting services, corporate finance advisory services, investment advisory and management services, margin financing and money lending business, securities investment and proprietary trading. Currently, Imagi has already begun engaging in money lending business as well as securities investment and proprietary trading into listed equities, both of which are components of the aforementioned integrated financial services business.