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Imagi Studios brings you the original CG-animated series Zentrix.

In this 26-episode series, the evil OmicronPsy super-computer has taken over the world's largest city known as Zentrix. In an attempt to destroy the OmicronPsy system, the computer's creator sends his daughter, Princess Megan, back in time to stop them. Along the way she teams up with the helpful robot Zeus, junior scientist Nick and Mango the micro-saur to fulfill the mission of destroying OmicronPsy. In the course of their perilous journey, a true spirit of friendship and loyalty develops between the quartet of adventurers, which they will need to battle the super-computer's robot spawn.

Completed by Imagi in 2002, Zentrix aired in France, Germany, the UK, Japan and Hong Kong and went on to win awards at festivals and competitions on three continents, including a Gold Camera at the US International Film & Video Festival in Los Angeles.


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