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Our Services

Comprehensive range of Financial Services

    Integrated Financial Services and Wealth Management

Imagi offers the clients a comprehensive range of financial services and assists them to achieve their financial goals through well thought-out professional wealth management. We can cater to the financial needs as they arise by our money lending service. We can help clients with their financial planning and offer tailored-made assets and investment management and our experienced investment analysts can provide needed investment analysis. We will ensure their transactions can be executed at the lowest cost, timely and efficiently, with great flexibility and convenience, through our shares and futures trading platforms. We offer, as necessary, custodial services to safeguard clients’ wealth and assets.

In conclusion, we offer a one-stop service for all their financial needs and relieve them of all burdens for securing the clients and their family financial well-being and future.


We will assist clients with their temporary financing needs through our money lending services. We can offer term loans and/or revolving facilities on a secured or clean basis. Our loans are all on reasonable and competitive rates after full consideration of the clients’ credit standing.

    Securities and Futures Trading     

We have a brokerage with a long established history, staffed by experienced traders and brokers. We can trade, for the clients on shares, derivatives and futures. For our customers’ convenience we also offer them online trading with our online platform. We also offer attractive margin and IPO financing to allow our clients to leverage their investments if so desired.

    Asset / Investment Management and Advisory     

We offer our clients expert investment advisories through our experienced investment staffs who provide informed and thoroughly researched investment analysis that caters to the clients’ investment goals and risk appetites. We also offered tailor-made asset management services, on a one to one basis.

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